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grassland regeneration
to become a game changer in grassland regeneration.
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environmentally friendly
encourage a complete shift to a regenerative farming system that is environmentally friendly.
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farm management methods that preserve the natural eco-systems.
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organic food production
guarantee an improved, healthy living.
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Koddfarms is located in Lipetan, Kobape area of Ogun State. It is also a hub for Savory Global Network operating a regenerative grassland farming.

Today, people desire a more healthy food therefore, we stand to ensure promotion of sustainability, good animal management and organic products, hence we practice holistic management.

Whole Under Management

Decision Makers

Board Members, Savory Institute Staff/Team, and Full members

Resource Based

People, Savory Global Network, Hubs, NGOs, Farmers Cooperatives, Banks, HM potentials, Higher Institutions, Organic Farmers, 3 tiers of Govt., Potential Clients, Donors, Investors and consumers.

Assets, Savory Institute, EOV/Land to market, KoddFarms Products Ltd.


Earn income from products, services, donations and grants

Holistic Context

Quality of life (How do we want our lives to be within SI?

Share ideas - Will always desire technical and advisory assistance to fulfill our mission of restoring back farmland that has been destroyed by deforestation and overgrazing including desertification of the grassland areas.

Open to corrections where we miss it in other to have the boldness that we have a backbone in SN.

Knowing fully well that we can operate as our environment permit but not deviating from SN policy and mission.

Operating an SN Global standard of HM, encouraging researches and data collection within our region on ways and methods for continued improvement in Holistic Management practices and cooperation with Savory Institute.

We will strive to always be transparent to our resources giving the best to our partners.

Our operations and books are open to SN for scrutiny and ready for any advice in our processes.

Future Resource Based

  1. Our Behavior (How must we behave to ensure the support of those in our current resource base and those whose future support we may need?

    • We lead and others follow
    • We are professionals
    • We are forever tied to our belief system
    • Integrity is our watchword
    • We are open to assist all our resource base at any time
    • We are innovative and are strategic in our profession
    • We are authentic in what we preach
    • Transparency is also our watchword
    • Ready to help at anytime
  2. Environment (How the landscapes we affect or influence directly or indirectly, must appear far into the future)

    • Healthy functioning ecosystem processes, rich biological diversity, well covered living soils rich in organic matter, streams and rivers running clean and full of life, healthy forest and oceans and clean air, highly photosynthesizing (and producing nutrients-rich food and fiber) thriving human communities interacting in harmony with the environment.
  3. Community (How I want the community around me to be)

    • We would want a well-educated community by joining force with the existing schools and families to encourage children to go to school.
    • Ensuring clean and drinkable water is available to every members of the community.
    • Ensuring a peaceful and happy community members.
    • Supportive in every challenging area in the community.